Technical specifications


  • Mixed structure, reinforced concrete/metal frame.
  • Fixed frame and opening modules.
  • Multiple-face front with high-performance triple glazing and fine horizontal bands of white ceramic.
  • Sides and back with high-performance triple glazing and aluminium panels.


  • BREEAM rating: very good. 
  • BBB rated.

 Building accessibility

  • Car parks and bike spaces.


  • 2 lifts with 800 kg and 1000 kg/ 10 and 13 person capacity.
  • 1 high-speed electric car-lift with 3000 kg capacity.

Interior finishes

  • False floors throughout: removable floor tiles mounted on jacks (final height = 12 cm), allowing floor boxes to be fitted.
  • Fitted carpet tiles.
  • Kitchenettes can be fitted on each floor.
  • Utility space available (no break or other) in basement.
  •  Centralised technical control.
  • 2 toilet blocks per floor.
  • Rainwater recovery to supply toilets and roof watering.
  • Shower and changing facilities.


  • Fire detection.
  • Sprinkler system (according to OH2 risk rating).
  • Class 1 lightning conductor facility.
  • Transformer.
  • Access control.
  • IP-networked video door-phone.

Heating and air conditioning

  • Heating and air conditioning using reversible perforated metal radiant ceilings (noise insulation) with soundproofing (principal modulation: 1.20 m).
  • Heat generated by three cascade gas condensing boilers.
  • Comfort cooling via a MONOBLOC cooling unit, with free-chilling option.
  • Shared IT facility in basement floor -4, with cabinet air conditioner. Independent cooling via a MONOBLOC cooling unit, with free-chilling option.
  • All occupants can use IT facility to install their active material and their own UPS. The link to the passive distribution racks on each floor will use fibre optic technology.
  • Centralised production of hot water for toilet blocks using thermal solar panels, supplemented by the cascade boilers.
  • Hygienic ventilation using dual-flow air treatment units with heat recovery systems, hot batteries and cold batteries.


  • Automatic control (with possibility of manual interaction) of external, horizontal slat blinds on S, N and W faces.
  • Recessed LED lighting in false ceilings, with motion and light-level sensors to optimise consumption.
  • Lights controlled using BUS system.
  • Distribution board arrangement
    • 1 general board
    • 1 distribution board per basement (excluding office space).
    • From floor Garden level to floor +5:
      • 1 distribution board for the front section.
      • 1 distribution board for the back section.
      • 1 small board for the central section, allowing the distribution board to be connected to the front or back section, depending on how the space is divided.
    • Floors +6, +7 and +8: 1 distribution board per floor.